In Manitoba We Have 4 Zones

Our province is broken into four service areas, with bases in Winnipeg, Brandon, The Pas, and Thompson.

Thompson zone is reactivating after a long hiatus. Crews are undergoing training and hope to be operational this year.

Our Provincial Training Centre is at St. Andrews Airport (CYAV), and is run by our Winnipeg Zone. This facility offers a classroom, boardroom, operations & equipment, and a virtual training simulator.

Who We Are

We fly simulated and actual search operations often with the coordination of military and police operations.

CASARA stretches across all of Canada and is funded by the federal government largely through the Military with some participation by Transport Canada.

Its largely air component is supplemented with its own ground search and other Ground Search and Rescue units that include the Office of the Fire Commissioner, the Rangers and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The Association is complete with experienced veterans and very interesting characters from all walks of life who put exemplary dedication into saving life, sometimes through the night and in isolated sparsely settled and uninhabited areas.

CASARA members must be at least 18 years old. But it’s worth noting that we have a significant membership count in the 50 plus age range – active folks finding time to serve their community, now that career and family matters may allow.

How We Do It

Searches are conducted methodically using various search patterns. Navigation is usually carried out using the ForeFlight application on Apple iPads, with paper maps as a backup. We also use radio homing equipment to track and isolate emergency beacons.

Other searches may involve taskings directly from local agencies such as the RCMP. The RCMP may request CASARA air and ground assets for searches for overdue and missing people.

Regular training involves work in spotting, navigating, piloting, ground search and ground operations. Every two years, each Zone is tested and evaluated by the Military. Members may also have a CC-130 Hercules training option.

We are always actively seeking new members and the great thing is that you do not have to have a pilot's licence, search and rescue or aviation experience to participate in CASARA.




RPAS Pilot

Ground Homing

General Crew